At Accutek, we are committed to providing top-notch bathroom and hygiene services for our clients. We know your needs when it comes to bathroom disposal services. You need minimal smell and exposure while having maximum discretion and cleanliness. Accutek can provide discreet and premium sanitary disposal solutions for you, from your feminine hygiene, nappy disposal and scent dispenser needs. We supply high quality bins with odour-proof lids that provide you with the most effective service possible. We know that your time is valuable so we have developed a range of bins and accessories to meet all your needs. Our bins come in both general and special use, including baby diaper disposal, adult diapers, nappies for men, bins for feminine hygiene products and more. Each bin comes with lockable doors and liners to help fight the build-up of bacteria. Our products are all environmentally friendly and made from premium quality materials so you know you can trust our bins.

We also provide air fresheners to make your washrooms smell great and keep your guests happy! These air fresheners are scented with the highest quality ingredients and will leave your washroom smelling clean and fresh throughout the day. They contain no harmful or toxic chemicals and can be activated using a small amount of water. Their cartridges are also reusable which means they last longer and reduce wastage

Why choose Accutek?

Accutek aims to deliver hygienic cleaning solutions, supported by the latest technology that reduces costs and drives compliance
ISO Certified

Our ISO certifications ensure that we deliver with Integrity and Accountability. Standardization and Quality is guaranteed

Smartphone App

Communication is now easier than before. We have our entire staff logged into our innovative smartphone app so that we have your issues monitored and addressed in real-time


Where possible, use products that are safe and non-toxic, so no third party or staff is necessarily exposed to chemical residues that are usually found in conventional cleaning products.

Audit and Quality Controls

Our experienced auditors conduct regular audits to ensure that the tasks performed, meet the expected outcomes of hygiene and sanitation.

Experienced Staff

Our staff is highly trained in WH&S, Risk Management and Chemical Safety with SOPs and Safety Work Method Statements for Quality Management


We tailor our cleaning service to suit your requirements. We have flexible schedules, delivering a cost-effective and efficient cleaning solution

Contact us!

Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.


    We cater to all of our client’s needs while using state of the art, and accurate techniques, yet still maintaining a customer-centric approach. Accutek has customisable and scalable resources to accommodate any size project with flexible solutions to allow normal operations with minimal interruption.
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